The gas control unit AGIS is a fourth generation device meeting the rigorous standards for fuel delivery and exhaust emissions. The design team has developed a unique control algorithms injectors LPG / CNG based on the control signals from the ECU of the engine , where for each injector individually converted to adjustments in real time. Therefore, it is unnecessary laborious preparation for injection mapping run on LPG / CNG as it was in the older designs drivers , and eliminates the need for OBD emulators . A major advantage is the ability to control AGIS Mapping spending injectors LPG / CNG relative to gasoline while driving calibration , which simplifies and shortens installation in a vehicle , and increases the quality control and reduces fuel consumption. It also increases the versatility of the controller. The installation and calibration is independent of the type and make of the car and the use of mechanical components (regulator , injectors ) . For editors accustomed to the older generation of devices are also possible to calibrate the traditional controller by manually modifying the composition of the mixture. A large number of adaptive functions allows you to automatically or manually calibrate each vehicle . The only element mounted in the cab is a miniature konsolka used for indicating the status of the controller or change the mode , and displays the level of fuel in the tank LPG / CNG . Properly installed and calibrated driver to drive on gas as comfortable as on gasoline , and taking into account the savings can say that increases the comfort disproportionate to the cost of installation.

Discontinued .

The next generation of this type of driver is a driver AGIS OBD / CAN adapter using (cross ) of the system for AGIS AGIS OBD / CAN Replacement of a cross on the AGIS MINI S , AGIS OBDCAN , AGIS P12 , AGIS M210

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