AGIS DIRECT - The direct injection of LPG in the liquid phase using injectors. * High pressure manifold * Pump inlet pressure for LPG tank * Specially designed LPG multivalve * Modified with additional LPG tank back to the liquid phase LPG * 3 x strainer on the refueling * Liquid phase LPG injection by injectors * Compression of LPG in the liquid phase in the high pressure gas pump
AGIS D24 DIGITAL Diesel - LPG injection system.

* Ability emulation 4 + 2 analog sensors digital sensors / dual digital TPS - MARCEDES AXOR, ACTROS, ATEGO, VARIO - MAN All models /
* Automatic calibration of TPS, MAP, Common rail
* Automatic synchronization of TPS
* Digital emulation of sensors
* Read the instantaneous and total LPG consumption in applications
* Optional equipment for engines without electronics, mechanical pump-turbine
* Option cruise control
* Ready-map settings
* Soon, sequential injection LPG diesel
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